A Bestie Bag for your Favourite Canine Fur Friend

Points 200.00

Description: Treat your best fur friend to wholesome goodness and great taste with the Bestie Bag for Your Favourite Fur Friend. This bag is filled with homemade treats from the Best Fur Friend Pantry kitchens, including: For My Besties, an all-purpose treat boasting freshly milled organic oat flour, wild blueberries and peppermint; Fresh Kissies, created for people who have dogs that smooch; and Belly-Wellies, an organic buckwheat flour-based cookie with pumpkin and spices to help improve indigestion, reduce flatulence and ease nausea. Best Fur Friend Pantry treats are homemade, baked daily, have no added preservatives, and are created using farm fresh ingredients from local Ontario farms.